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New Mom

At first I was really skeptical about Stroller Strides. The reason being was that I never worked out a single day in my life, I didn't know anyone in or around the area and I didn't think I could function well with having my 2 month old (at that time) with me. First hearing about Stroller Strides all that came to mind was "Yeah, all these moms have probably worked out every single day of their life and all I will be doing is embarrassing myself. The first day I went it was actually really fun. I couldn't keep up with everyone but that's what I loved about it, that everyone can work at their own pace. They have an alternative way, which is way easier and the normal/advanced way. I just really enjoyed being out of the house When I came home that same day, I had this whole new side of me that was energized, motivated, feeling happy about myself and life, which was a feeling that I hadn't felt my entire pregnancy and postpartum.

It's so inspiring to see and know that there are other moms who are out there striving to lose weight, stay active and enjoy each others company, it just motivates you that much more. There is so many good things about Stroller Strides i could say but I don't want to take up the entire page.

Overall My Top 5 things I like about SS is 1. Working out with my little one right there beside me. 2. Being able to stay in shape/healthy and looking good for your significant other. 3. Getting a sense of empowerment because you learn that you can still function and do your daily routine even though you have a child(ren), you just might have to modify it. 4. to meet other moms who share similar goals. And 5. Having awesome instructors!


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